Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Big Year

Happy 2008!

When I opened my calendar to the new year, I found the words "Be Lucky" written across the top of this month. It's my handwriting, so I must have written it, but I can't for the life of me remember when or why. Did someone say it to me? Did I read it somewhere? I have no idea. Regardless of where it came from I've decided it's a good new year's resolution. I get so caught up sometime in the stuff that's going wrong-I spend most of my working hours thinking about ecological collapse, and living in the city really beats me down sometimes-it's helpful for me to have those moments of psychic shakedown that get me out of myself, out of my head, even just for a moment.

I live in a beautiful place with some amazing creatures in it (humans included). I just need to let myself be surprised by it, to be moved by it, to notice how lucky I am.

On a related note, this month marks the beginning of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area's Big Year, a campaign to get folks out into the GGNRA to learn about natural habitats in San Francisco.
The Big Year is an educational outreach project disguised as a contest. The challenge? To see if anyone can find (alive, within the boundaries of the GGNRA) all 33 endangered and threatened species that live there. Their website has all of the details if you want to participate. Let me know if you do. I'll keep you posted on my sightings. Be lucky.

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