Thursday, November 6, 2008

the marsh imagination project

from my inbox.....

We are an organization devoted to the creation of a public dialogue about the meaning which the salt marshes of the San Francisco Bay have to the citizens of the bay area and visions for the future of the San Francisco Bay marsh ecosystem. In doing this, we are very interested in receiving input from all segments of the region's community, including the birding community. We are asking for submissions of photos, comments, writing and other forms of expression to be sent to These may include bird-related and non bird-related materials and we ask that you tell us how you would like to be credited and whether you would prefer to remain anonymous. All submissions will then be posted to our website. After we have received a large number of submissions, we will compile them and create a physical display of them in a public place.

Thank you,

The Marsh Imagination Project

Share your marsh love.

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