Tuesday, August 25, 2009

coming home to roost

Houston birdhouse, October 2008

Recently, I was directed to a lovely art piece in Brooklyn called for the birds, described as "Building birdhouses/roosting boxes so that are built-to-suit local bird species using cast off materials." Nice, right? So I was sad to look at the pictures and see that some of the houses had perches on the outside.

Please please please, if you are going to put up a birdhouse, please DON'T put a perch on the outside. As far as I know, there are no native birds that require a perch to get in or out of a nestbox. After all, if you didn't give them a box, they'd nest in a tree, or maybe your roof, and those don't have perches on them. The only purpose of a perch is to give birds that want to eat the wee birds inside a place to sit comfortably while they're dining. We've made life in the city hard enough for many of our native birds, and plenty easy for house sparrows and crows, don't sabotage your own good deed with an unnecessary perch.

End rant. Thanks.

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